Air Quality Meter Network

Federal, state and local officials came together with GreenRoots on Earth Day, April 22, at Highland Park to celebrate the official unveiling of an air quality monitor and a network of nine air quality meters throughout the City. The monitor keeps careful measurements of air quality levels in the area, and the network of meters takes readings in real time and broadcasts them on a public website for residents to monitor at will. Here, those gathered include City Manager Tom Ambrosino, GreenRoots Director Roseann Bongiovanni, Jossie Valentin from Sen. Ed Markey’s Office, Council President Roy Avellaneda, EPA Regional Administrator Deb Szaro, DEP Commissioner Martin Suuberg, DEP Deputy Commissioner Stephanie Cooper and State Rep. Jessica Giannino.
The DEP’s Tony Pikul shows off the new monitoring equipment, which measures VOCs and particulate matter in the air.

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