Month: November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Chelsea residents flocked to prepare for Thanksgiving this week, from hitting up the Market Basket to visiting the Salvation Army. Above, Felicite Valentine helped Mike Venezia with his selections at the Salvation Army on Monday morning.

Art Reception

Colette Brésilla standing before her recent paintings on display at the Gallery at Spencer Lofts through Friday, Dec. 30. The artist held a lively reception on Saturday night, Nov. 19, with live music and several guests.

Police Briefs 11-24-2016

Monday, 11/14 Melanie Reddy, 767 Broadway, Chelsea was arrested on a warrant. John Lewis, 32, 292 Salem St., Revere, was arrested on a warrant. Wednesday, 11/16 Juvenile Offender, Chelsea, was arrested for unarmed robbery. Juvenile Offender, Chelsea, was arrested for…

Remember Those in Need

For the vast majority of Americans, Thanksgiving and the holiday season is a joyous time when the abundance that life offers is most apparent in a wealthy nation such as ours. But the sad reality for many of our fellow…

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the ultimate family-centered holiday. Thanksgiving has no religious connotations, no national-celebration connotations, and no required gift-giving. It asks nothing more from each of us than just showing up (other than for the person who is doing all the…