Read to a Child Graduation and Commemoration Ceremony

The Read to a Child program at the Hooks School recently held a graduation and commemoration ceremony for the kids that participate and also for the adult volunteers from around the community that come in and read to the children. The program has been at the Hooks School for eight years and has proven wildly successful. Once a week during lunch, the volunteers come in and read to a specific child that they are paired up with for the year. The children that participate are from grades 1-4. Olivia Mathews, the CEO of Read to a Child, attended the ceremony and told the crowd that 1,000 people participate in the program all over Greater Boston every week. The non-profit began in Boston, but is now in five cities across the country – including Los Angeles, Miami and Detroit.

The school coordinator is Chelsea resident Virginia Todd, who works closely with Hooks Principal Adele Lubarsky.

Among the companies that send volunteers are Metro Credit Union, the MWRA and and MGH-Chelsea.

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