Current Parking Stickers Valid Through Aug. 15

The 2014-15 “purple” residential parking stickers program will go into effect on August 16. Until then, “blue” stickers remain valid, according to City Manager Jay Ash.

“We’re preparing to turn to the next cycle of parking stickers,” said Ash. “The change-over from blue to purple will be free to eligible residents and will hopefully be convenient for most all drivers who have not had any changes in ownership or owe fines or fees.”

Many residents will receive a parking sticker by mail provided they did not owe any outstanding excise tax and/or parking tickets as of June 16, 2014. For those who previously received a Notice of Overdue Excise Tax or Parking Violations this past spring and paid their outstanding balance, they are now in compliance with parking program and will receive a renewal sticker. If excise tax and/or parking violations were not paid by June 16, 2014, but payments were made subsequently during the month of June, the City has made every effort to update its records and include those residents in the direct mailing of a residential sticker.

Residents who lease vehicles and currently have a residential sticker will receive a new 2014/2015 residential sticker by mail at their home address, provided no outstanding payments are due.

“Residential stickers will be arriving in the mail sometime before July 28th. On July 28th and thereafter residents who did not receive a parking sticker in the mail will be able to come to the Parking Clerk’s office at City Hall to pick up a new sticker,” advised Ash.

Those still owning fines or fees will be required to pay the outstanding amount prior to obtaining a residential parking sticker.  Payments may be made through the City website (www. HYPERLINK “” for excise and parking violations or in-person at the Treasury Department in City Hall.  Payment for parking violations only may also be made by telephone at 866-427-5927.  All methods of payment will make residents immediately eligible to obtain a residential parking sticker.

The following additional stickers and/or passes will also be available beginning July 28th at the Office of the Parking Clerk:

•Visitor’s pass – $10 – valid for two visits per week.

•Weekly pass – $15 – valid for seven consecutive visitor days.

•Caregivers pass – free – valid for one-year (August through July) with no restriction on time or day. Requires a notarized letter or letter of employment.

•Landlord Parking Sticker – $50 – valid for a six month period (August through January, and February through July) and requires a property tax bill.

•Landlord parking pass – $10 – valid for a six month period.  Requires a property tax bill.

•Restrictive Residential Parking Pass – $10 – Valid for a calendar year and allows meter parking along 10 designated streets within 100 feet of residence.

•General Non-Resident sticker – $300 – valid for a six month period.

•Trade/ Contractor Parking Pass – $5 for one day, $15 for one week, $30 for 30 days. Requires a city building or work permit.

•Temporary Pass – free – allows new residents or residents who rent a vehicle (30 days) upon proof of a rental agreement

The Office of the Parking Clerk is located in Chelsea City Hall, 500 Broadway, Room 209, Chelsea.  Telephone is 617-466-4054.  City Hall hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8AM to 4PM, Tuesday 8AM to 7PM, and Friday 8AM to Noon.  For more information, please see the City website at

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