Letter to the Editor 1-4-2024

Thank you, Leo Robinson

Dear Editor,

Mr. Robinson, I have to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation regarding your assistance in aiding the retired and current members of the Chelsea Retirement System in passing the COLA increase.  

I have been privileged to represent the retirement system, and its board members and staff, as their attorney, for several decades now.  I can assure you that your individual efforts, and the action of the entire City Council, are greatly appreciated by all.  This COLA increase to the retirees’ monthly stipend will mean a great deal to many of our members.

I also wanted to take this moment to inform you of how impressed I was to see how you conduct both subcommittee meetings as well as how you fulfill your role as City Council President.  You clearly run a very tight ship.  It was a pleasure to see the efficiency and progress of the myriad of issues under your charge handled with such expertise and grace.

Joe Siewko, Carolyn Russo, Mike Nicolazzo and I had occasion to get together after your approval of our petition to discuss the matter, and I can tell you that your accolades were sung by all.

The City Council is eminently well served by your leadership, and the citizens of Chelsea thrive under the direction of your stewardship.

Thank you.

Brian Monahan

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