On the Campaign Trail: Leo Robinson Announces Candidacy for Re-Election As Councilor-at-Large

Leo Robinson has announced his candidacy for  re-election as Councilor-at-Large. The following is his statement:

“Hello, my name is Leo Robinson. It has been my pleasure to represent the residents of Chelsea throughout my tenure. Today, I am proud to announce my candidacy for re-election to the City Council Seat as Councilor-at-Large. I am grateful beyond words for the trust residents have placed in me, and I, again, humbly ask for your vote so that I may continue to serve you and your families to continue the progress we have made in the great city of Chelsea.

Leo Robinson.

For those of you who may not know me, please allow me to introduce myself and some of the achievements for which I am proud of. I am a lifelong Chelsea resident, a homeowner, and a taxpayer. Among my many city council roles, I have been elected by my colleagues seven times. As president, I wrote the Affordable Housing Ordinance, along with overseeing three city manager searches.

Along with my brother, Ron Robinson, I co-founded the Lewis Latimer Society named after Chelsea’s own Lewis H. Latimer, who worked alongside Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. Latimer also individually developed the filament in the light bulb which made it possible for modem electricity to exist the way it is today.

I pride myself for serving as a full-time city councilor. I truly enjoy spending everyday working on important city issues and providing my time and focus to our constituents. If you see fit to re-elect me again, I pledge to always remain accessible to ALL Chelsea residents, easily accessible, and unfailingly responsive to anyone who needs my assistance, has a question or concern, or wants their voice heard.

The time for division is over. Chelsea residents deserve better and the choices we make and the resources we commit to will impact our quality of life for lifetimes to come. As a Councilor-at-Large, I will be focused on execution, transforming challenges into opportunities from a fresh perspective, higher standards, and forward thinking solutions.

There is so much work to do:

In education, I will work towards ensuring that all our students are given opportunities to learn and grow in safe environments.

In economic development, I will work towards creating a vibrant and thriving economy to serve as a model for communities across the state.

In housing, I will work towards increasing affordability and accessibility for all without sacrificing resources.

In public safety, I will work towards supporting our police and firefighters with technology, training, and resources to keep us safe.

Regarding healthcare, I will work towards expanding access to treatment and support families, launching stronger prevention initiatives addressing root causes.

With infrastructure, I will work towards improving our roads, sidewalks, and water supply, setting the groundwork for future generations.

In closing, I am asking for your support for casting a vote for me to return to the City Council.

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