Resource Guide for Small Businesses Available Through City Hall

City officials are taking steps to help ensure that small businesses thrive in Chelsea.

“As you know, improving the accessibility of resources for small businesses is a key goal in advancing equity and economic growth,” said Alex Train, the city’s director of Housing and Community Development. “We’re pleased to present our recently published small business resource guide, entitled Doing Business in Chelsea, an effort that strives to make it easier for small businesses to prosper in the community.”

The resource guide is designed to offer clear, predictable information to small businesses, and the guide illustrates the necessary processes to establish, operate, and grow a small business in Chelsea.

It’s broken down by specific industries, capturing the local and state certification, licensing, and permitting required for different business types, along with a wealth of resources to support small businesses.

There are Spanish and English versions of the guide that can be accessed at City Hall, or by contacting Omar Miranda, Chelsea’s Small Business Development Specialist, at [email protected] or by calling 617-466-4198.

Additional assistance for small businesses that are either open or looking to open in Chelsea can be found on the city’s website, under the small businesses section of the Housing and Community Development department. There is access to information from the Small Business Administration, applications for a business certificate and to the licensing commission, and a link to the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce.

There is also a resource guide, small business technical assistance, and tips for saving energy and electricity.

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