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Afternoon Games at Highland Park for Ages 6 to 15

Looking for interesting, fun sports activities for your kids to do this summer?  MA Sports Leagues comes to Chelsea with a variety of sports and games during this five-day afternoon program that runs all summer and includes dodge ball, team handball, World Cup Soccer, field hockey, kickball, wiffle ball, ultimate frisbee, and flag football. Sign up for 1 week or all 6 weeks! Location: Highland Park. 30 Willow Street.

Mon-Fri 1-4pm, July 5-August 12.

Call Chelsea Recreation for more information at 617-466 5233

Free Swim lessons

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is offering free swimming lessons for children and young teens at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool in the City of Chelsea this summer. Session 1runs through Friday, July 15. For more information regarding the program, details about other upcoming free swimming lessons sessions, or to register for swim lessons, please visit the agency’s webpage.

Sheriff Tompkins Endorsed by Correction Officers Local 419

Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins announced support from the largest union representing workers at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD).  Tompkins garnered this support by championing changes to end racially-biased drug testing procedures and steadfast commitment to the Field Officers Training program. 

“Throughout your previous terms, you have run on a platform that pledged solidarity with the Labor Movement and a devotion to a constructive internal labor relationship. As President of your largest employed Union, I can attest that you have upheld your word and have forged an unprecedented rapport between the Municipal Employer and its Union employees,” Said Johnathan Corey.

“You have altered the narrative, and have created a managerial ‘open door policy’ that promotes cohesiveness and productivity. Instead of implementing uniformed or partisan policies and procedures, your administrators actually approach Union officials to seek out the greatest applicable solution to overcome conditions in arguably one of the most dynamic work environments,” concluded Corey. 

 Sheriff Tompkins has shown time and time again that he cares passionately about the workers at the SCSD. He has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the men and women who do this difficult, often thankless work of corrections in the fight for pay parity and equity in benefits for doing the same work as their state counterparts. 

 “I’m incredibly humbled and proud of the endorsement from Local 419 in my re-election campaign for Sheriff. They represent the heart and blood of our organization, and to have their respect and support means that the work we do every day to improve our employees’ working conditions is making a difference,” Said Sheriff Tompkins

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