Candidates Take Out Nomination Paper for 2021 Citywide Election

Chelsea’s 2021 election season has begun.

Six candidates had taken out nomination papers for offices in this fall’s election as of Tuesday afternoon.

Councillors-at-Large Leo Robinson and Roy Avellaneda took out nomination papers, an indicator that both officials will be candidates for re-election.

District 8 Councillor Calvin T. Brown took out nomination papers for his current seat. Norielez DeJesus took out nomination papers for the District 3 seat on the City Council. That seat is currently held by Naomi Zabot.

School Committee members Roberto Jimenez Rivera (at-large) and Yessenia Alfaro (District 8) have taken out nomination papers.

City Clerk Jeannette Cintron White said that nomination papers must be submitted to her office by Tuesday, Aug. 3 at 5 p.m. Cintron White said that depending on the number of candidates running for office, a Preliminary Election would be held on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

The Final Election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 2.

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