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School Committee Members Back Candidate Warren on Super Tuesday

Dear Editor:

This Tuesday, Massachusetts residents will have our say over who the next President of the United States will be. Over the last three years, Donald Trump has overseen an executive branch that turns hate into public policy. His administration has funneled every economic gain to the wealthy, while the lives of working- and middle-class Americans have stagnated, and in many cases worsened. Today, as Chelsea community leaders, we are endorsing a candidate who will stand against this corruption, advocate for policies that will benefit all Americans, and fight for you and your family: Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Senator Warren has been on the side of working families for years, even before she was elected to the Senate. She was the driving force behind the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has given back over $12 billion to consumers who have been cheated by the financial industry. After being elected to the Senate, she led efforts to hold these corporations and their leaders accountable for their role in defrauding the American people. In addition to holding the rich and powerful accountable for the damage they have inflicted on the rest of us, Elizabeth Warren wants to ensure that we have the resources we need to help our families thrive. For this, she is proposing to tax wealth above $50 million and then use those resources to help all people, regardless of what stage of life they are in.

Her wealth tax on the ultra-rich would allow her administration to secure universal child care and expand access to pre-K across the country, improving quality of life for the youngest among us. Her plan to combat climate change would not only make our planet safer for generations to come, but also create millions of jobs with a living wage to support hardworking people and their families. And lastly, she would continue to be a strong advocate for a healthcare system that is affordable and effective for all. This would include lowering the cost of prescription drugs for senior citizens and those with chronic conditions.

Elizabeth Warren is also a leader in education policy, and her plan would support communities like Chelsea. She plans to expand federal K-12 funding to make up for state-level funding inequities, targeted at low-income students, Latinx, Black, and Native communities, and students with disabilities. She has committed to protecting immigrant students and their families, providing free, nutritious school meals to all, and keeping our children safe by investing in school safety programs that have been proven to work. And lastly, she will treat our teachers like the professionals they are, taking their expertise into account when deciding on policies that will affect our children.

Once this primary is over, it will be time to focus on Donald Trump. Winning this election is incredibly important, but Election Day will only be the beginning. For too long, the political and economic systems have worked for the rich and not for the rest of us. We need someone who can fundamentally change the way our broken system treats those of us living paycheck to paycheck. We need a candidate who will put we the people above the interests of corporations and the wealthy who run them. We need Elizabeth Warren.

Chelsea School Committee Members Rosemarie Carlisle, Kelly Garcia, Lucia Henriquez, Ana Hernandez, Roberto Jiménez Rivera, Marisol Santiago, Henry Wilson.

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