Letter to the Editor

Thank You for Electing me

Dear Editor,

Over the past four months I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with many of you. I am humbled by the results of last week’s election, and thrilled for the opportunity to represent you. Thank you for electing me as your new at-large Chelsea School Committee member.

I am also grateful to my endorsers, the Chelsea Teachers’ Union and Mijente, as well as everyone who volunteered their time, energy, and resources to my campaign. People from all over Chelsea and beyond helped me reach all corners and communities within our city, and I am forever grateful to each and every one of you. Nothing was so humbling as knocking on someone’s door for the first time only to be told that they had already heard from a friend or family member about my campaign.

Lastly, I would like to thank my fellow candidates and outgoing elected officials. It takes courage to put your name on a ballot, and our city needs leaders like yourselves. Thank you for your continued commitment to Chelsea.

This election is only the beginning of what we can accomplish if we work together. I am excited to put this campaign behind me and start the next and most important chapter: representing this community on the School Committee. Since I represent every person living in Chelsea, I encourage you all to come to me with your questions, concerns, and ideas about our school system. With the help of my fellow School Committee members and the entire Chelsea community, we will continue to improve our schools, and develop the next generation of Chelsea leaders.

Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

Roberto Jiménez Rivera

At-Large School

Committee Member-Elect

Thank You Everyone

Dear Editor,

Thank you everyone who took the time to contribute to my re-election campaign (staff, volunteers, family, friends, neighbors, small businesses, donors) but most importantly, the voters.  I also want to give a special shout out to Juan Gallego who was a Northeastern University student by day and my campaign manager by night  As someone who prides themselves in the empowerment of young people; I was incredibly grateful to have been able to offer a young Chelsea adult this opportunity; I was even more honored that he accepted.

This campaign season we were able to knock on close to 5,000 doors and continue the movement we started in 2015.  A high-spirited movement of organizing and building with folks that have been marginalized and not typically considered during times of decision-making.  Our message has remained the same since 2015; let’s work to build One Chelsea that is inclusive of our collective values.  An agenda that encourages dialogue through tough situations and holding one another accountable, as we strive toward the betterment of our city.  Though some of these conversations may be uncomfortable; if they begin with open-mindedness, mutual understanding and respect; they should end the same.  While we won’t always agree; there is much to learn about ourselves and each other in the process of exchanging ideas.  

I am proud to have received local, state and federal support and endorsements from proven leaders and diverse unions I’ve worked closely and built solid collaborations with. I pride myself in our grassroots organizing and in knowing that every vote was garnered through a resonant message of unity and equity based on truth and proven results. 

The people have spoken up against groups that have served as gatekeepers for too long; making decisions for them without including them.  Thank you, Chelsea, for your vote of confidence in my leadership; I vow to keep advocating fiercely for our community within the walls of City Hall and throughout the Commonwealth to ensure our collective voice is heard.  I have been honored to serve you since 2016 and am humbled to receive your support to serve you through 2022. I will continue to amplify your voice as my mission.  #OneChelsea

Damali Vidot

Council President

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