Congressman Joe Kennedy III Visits St. Luke’s Food Pantry

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Continuing to tour the Commonwealth since the launch of his U.S. Senate campaign, Congressman Joe Kennedy III visited Chelsea Saturday, stopping at the St. Luke’s food pantry located inside the church on Washington Avenue.

District 5 Councillor Judith Garcia and the Rev. Edgar Gutierrez-Duarte welcomed Kennedy to the church.

District 5 Councillor Judith Garcia and the Rev. Edgar Gutierrez-Duarte welcome Congressman Joe Kennedy III to the St. Luke’s Church where he spoke with residents and assisted at the church’s food pantry. Kennedy is a candidate for the U.S. Senate in the 2020 election in Massachusetts.

Kennedy spoke with Chelsea residents at the church and assisted in the distribution of food items. The popular congressman was well received by the many residents, conversing in both English and Spanish. He graciously obliged all requests for photos while displaying the Kennedy-esque charisma of the state and the nation’s preeminent political dynasty.

Asked about his fluency in Spanish, Kennedy said he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic.

Kennedy said he was “honored” to be with Councillor Garcia and the Rev. Gutierrez-Duarte “in the vibrant city of Chelsea.”

“To be at the church and walk through the food pantry and view the consignment area and notice the services the church provides the community, it’s extraordinary to see the generosity here,” said Kennedy.

Garcia, who invited the congressman to the city, emerged as a major supporter of Kennedy’s senatorial campaign from its outset.

“I think that right now we’ve reached a point in our government where there are too many disrupters and Joe Kennedy embodies the leadership of a builder and that’s why I’m supporting him,” said Garcia.

“From Day 1, he has very supportive of the young Latinos who have run for office, and I believe in his vision. I believe in what he has to offer for our community. Not too many officials take the time to come out here to Chelsea and really bond with our community, that’s exactly what he’s doing and that’s the sort of leadership that we’re going for.

“I am fully supportive of his candidacy and I believe he can make great things happen for communities like Chelsea,” said Garcia.

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