Letter to the Editor

I did not fail the students in Chelsea

To the Editor:

On May 2, I read an article that one of my former colleagues wrote about me. This article undermined the work that I’ve done for the students. I respect School Committee Member Kelly Garcia, and I am not writing this to fire back at her but to explain to her, and the community, that I did not fail the students in Chelsea.

At 20 years of age I was able to accomplish so many things that I figured I would never be able to do. I lived with my aunt for a year and half, while my parents and siblings where in another city. My family was pushed out of the city because of high rent prices. This is an issue going on around the community.

In the year and half that I served as a member of the School Committee, I was able to work with teachers and students to find out ways to help out our student body. I’m not going to praise myself and tell everyone what I’ve done, because my actions speak for themselves.

I am doing better now. I moved back in with my parents to finish school and not worry about financial problems, to get my rent on time. Not all of us have the luxury to grow up in a wealthy family. My parents struggled, I struggled, but after I’m done with college, I will make them proud.

Ms. Garcia’s words hurt me a lot, however I will not let that get to me. I am young, and I had to make a decision for the betterment of myself.

With all due respect, I would like to remind Ms. Garcia that as elected officials we are entitled to our First Amendment right. If I want to go on social media, Twitter or Facebook to address an issue going on in the School Committee, that is my right. It is my duty to let our constituents know what’s really going on.

I wish the School Committee the best of luck and the students in Chelsea. Chelsea is my hometown; it’s where I grew up.

Thank you.

Julio Hernandez

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