Sen. DiDomenico Attends MIRA Events

Senator Sal DiDomenico attended the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Coalition’s (MIRA) Immigrants’ Day at the State House. Every year, MIRA hosts Immigrants’ Day at the State House to hear from speakers about legislation, speak about their experiences, and advocate for their legislative priorities. During the day’s long schedule, Senator DiDomenico joined with Representative Dave Rogers and Health Care for All in hosting a breakout session to promote their bill, An Act to Ensure Equitable Health Coverage for Children.

Thousands of low-income children in Massachusetts are not eligible for MassHealth and only have access to minimum coverage with strict limits on covered benefits, leaving them without all the care they need. An Act to Ensure Equitable Health Coverage to Children would expand MassHealth coverage to children who would be eligible for MassHealth except for their immigration status. Over 20,000 children would then have access to the care that they need.

“We know that we need a comprehensive strategy to support our families and communities across the Massachusetts while building the strong and resilient children the Commonwealth needs for its future success. To do this, we cannot leave certain children out simply because of their immigration status,” said Senator DiDomenico, speaking about the importance of the bill.

“Let’s work together to continue and strengthen our Commonwealth’s long-standing tradition of making sure all children in Massachusetts, including the most vulnerable children in our immigrant communities, have access to the health care they need.”

DiDomenico takes part in Homeless Legislative Action Day

Senator Sal DiDomenico recently joined with Senate President Karen Spilka and advocates at the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless Legislative Action Day at the State House. Every year, the MA Coalition for the Homeless hosts a Legislative Action Day, during which they hear from elected officials about legislation, share their stories, and lobby for bills that would improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness in the Commonwealth. Senator DiDomenico served at as a speaker at this year’s event, highlighting the many challenges that people experiencing homelessness face.

“Approximately 43 people are evicted from their homes in Massachusetts every day,” Senator DiDomenico said, speaking about his right to counsel bill, which would make representation during eviction proceedings a right under Massachusetts law. “As a Commonwealth, we must do better to protect those who are economically at risk.”  Additionally, Senator DiDomenico spoke about two other bills that he filled that would help those experiencing homelessness: An Act to Lift the Cap on Kids and An Act to Lift Kids out of Deep Poverty. The Family Cap denies Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) to children who were born during— or soon after— their parents started receiving benefits.  Because of this policy, 9,000 children in poverty do not receive benefits. An Act to Lift Kids out of Deep Poverty would increase benefits to families with children who qualify as living in “deep poverty”.

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