Night Shift to Add Coffee Roasting to Chelsea Headquarters

Luke Miller, Rose Woodard and Nicole Calderone at Night Shift’s new coffee bar at their brand new Lovejoy Wharf brewery and scratch kitchen in Boston. The popular beer brewer has expanded into the coffee business and will soon begin roasting their coffee beans in Chelsea.

Night Shift Brewery announced this week that it is venturing beyond beer and into the coffee market – and they plan to roast their coffee in Chelsea.

Co-Founder Michael Oxton said the company will have equipment installed at their Chelsea corporate headquarters to begin roasting coffee beans for the new operation.

The announcement came on the eve of the opening of Night Shift’s new Lovejoy Wharf location in Boston, which serves as the stepping off point for new venture into coffee and coffee roasting.

“We added coffee now and will be roasting our own beans very soon in Chelsea with our own roasting equipment,” he said. “We’re trying to get it up and running and we expect that very soon. Right now we are contract roasting it with a company in Rhode Island, but we’ll be doing it ourselves very soon.”

Like having a discriminating palate for beers, Oxton said he and his colleagues at Night Shift also have a taste for good coffee. They had always wanted to try making their own, and with the new venture, they thought now would be the time.

He said it’s something they will grow slowly, introducing it in Boston and seeing how the public perceives it.

However, the plans are to eventually introduce it at the original Everett taproom as well.

“We’ll be starting it off at Lovejoy, but we’ll be looking to add a coffee bar in Everett too,” he said. “That’s the goal.”

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