The Fourth Annual Let It Fly Classic

Where do we begin to extend our gratitude, and where do we stop?  There are far, too many people to thank for the success of the annual basketball event, that enjoyed its fourth Chelsea Let It Fly tournament last weekend.  It takes the whole city to Let It Fly high and beyond!

Our heroes are donors, volunteers, service providers, athletes who pour their sweat to put up the shows, and our spectators who come year after year, without whom Let It Fly won’t be the classic but a dud.

Also, we thank our perennial donor base who support and ramp up the tempo in giving every year.  It is your belief in the added benefits of the annual tournament to improve the wellness of our youths while bringing the best in their athletic abilities.  This one basketball activity that draws at the close of summer help to keep our youths fully engaged and interactive with other members of the community at a central setting.

Thus, it was not surprising to find that the recently completed 4th classic tournament saw an influx of new entrants to the donor list.  Individuals and establishments who strive gallantly to excel one another in the art of charitable giving.  Everyday folks who share in the glory and honor of giving back to the community to support our deserving young men and women who work hard and aim high.

These recipients remain thankful to your continued generosity.   Your support to our mission remains as our chief source of sustenance to soar higher, and to expand the number of awards to attend college.

The number of awards have grown each year, from an initial three recipients in the First classic to eleven awards now. Also, eligible students at the Phoenix Charter School would receive this year’s award alongside those at the Chelsea High School.  Each award is $500, that make a huge difference to the cost of purchasing college textbooks as these high school graduates transition to college.

Typical financial aid awards to college-bound students sometimes do not cover miscellaneous spending which quickly add up for unsuspecting families and their college-bound child.  The overall financial expense to travel, buy text books that are pre-requisite for seamless and smooth transition into anew-academic environment for struggling families, could become overwhelming and out of reach to many of the families in our community that we have often encouraged to aspire to lofty heights and be self-sufficient in any career path that abound in life.

It is at this crossroads that your support for a sustained Chelsea Let It Fly Classic becomes the parachute to our recipients in overcoming odds and making the successful transition from high school to college.  In addition, your support is particularly very critical when the benefactor is the first-generation in their family to dare imagine and venture into the four walls of any college institution.

We are excited to report here that all previous recipients have managed to attend and stay in college, thanks in part to your incredible support.  We continue to count on your enthusiasm and participation as we look forward to the fifth Let It Fly Classic in Chelsea.


Hood Ink Tattoo Zoo

Steam Studios

Chelsea Black Community

Chelsea Jordan Boys & Girls Club

The Chelsea Record

Chelsea Community Cable Television

Harbour Food Service equipment

Newbridge Café

Khelsea’s Pizza

Kayem Foods



Katz Bagels Bakery

Stop And Shop

Market Basket

Chelsea Cleaners

Floramo’s Restaurant

Pizza Lovers


Dunkin’ Donuts


Gallucio and Watson LLP

S&L Subs

Muffin Town

Cruz Construction

Chelsea Station Restaraunt

Golden Canoli

City Councilor Joseph Perlatonda

Tito’s Bakery

City Manager Tom Ambrosino

Galluccio & Watson, LLP

Today’s Collision Repair Centers

Katz Bakery

Kraft and Hall LLC

Galluccio Associates Inc.

David M. Mindlin Attorney at Law

City Councilor Luis Tejada

John’s Pizza

Viral The Wave

Kenneth Umemba

 Cesar Castro & Kyle Umemba are Co-Directors, Let It Fly Classic Basketball Tournament.

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