Letter to the Editor

I will never stop working for you

Dear Residents,

Since I announced my candidacy for District Five City Councilor. I have had the opportunity to speak and meet with many of you about your vision for the district. Each conversation has reminded me once again that our city’s greatest asset is our people. Whether you live on Beacon, Ash, Cottage, Chester Ave or Lynn streets, we all share a common commitment to doing everything we can to make our community and district stronger.

For over 20 years I have lived here in our great city and district as a homeowner, and as a community activist. One that cares deeply in the direction that our city is heading. As an activist along with other concerned residents, we were able to lower the speed limit in our city to 25 MPH. Also we were able to make our streets safer by working with city hall and others to raise the street lights to their highest levels to help combat the safety concerns of our residents. In addition I have been strong advocate of a healthier and cleaner Chelsea. Being a member of the Chelsea Enhancement Team, Chelsea Shine, Green Roots supporter, and a Beautification member. The city is looking much better our air quality is getting better, and both the homeowners and business owners are maintaining their properties better, all because of the commitment and hard work of myself and other concerned residents.

Yes, there is much more work to be done in our district.  Being a current member for 8 years on the Planning Board. One of several concerns of mine is to making sure that our residents are not being forced out of their city that they have called home for many years. Making sure that all new developments have fair and adequate affordable housing both at rental price and percentage of housing units. With the recent Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance of 30, 50, 80 this will help to insure housing for our residents being involved with the Re-Imaging process of the Downtown Business District. We are in desperate need of housing in this area. I will work hard making sure our city does not become an unaffordable city for those who choose to live here.

Continue making sure that our city hall and all departments are fiscally sound. I am committed to working with all departments item by item prior to and during the Budget hearings. Looking to see where we are able to save the people’s money. I am running because I want to be the voice at city hall. As a district we deserve a leader that is ready to work on day one. One that is committed to the district and willing and able to vote with the residents that you are to serve. District five we deserve a councilor that wants to help lead our city and district. I believe that our city is on the verge of receiving amazing and wonderful opportunities. We as residents have an opportunity to grab this moment and move forward stronger together. This is why as District 5 City Councilor. I will be committed to help continue rebuilding our city, preparing and giving our youngest residents the tools they need to succeed with their future goals. I have always and I will never stop working for you, as a resident and as your city councilor.

If you believe in this vision for our city’s future. One of working together, growth, affordable housing, cleaner and safer neighborhoods, and preparing our future leaders. Then I hope that you will consider becoming a part our campaign. Vote for Henry David Wilson on Tuesday, November 7th.

Thank you,

Henry David Wilson

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