Happy Hanukkah

We want to wish Jewish residents in Chelsea a Happy Hanukkah in honor of the “Festival of Lights” holiday that began Tuesday at sundown and continues for eight days and nights.

There are many traditions associated with this holiday, notably the lighting of the Menorah for eight consecutive nights. Children enjoy playing dreidel games and singing Hanukkah songs.

We remember when Chelsea was home to thousands of Jewish residents in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. The numbers have dwindled over the years but two well-known houses of worships continue to stand tall: the Walnut Street Synagogue that has benefited from the philanthropic and fundraising efforts of former Chelsea resident Herbie Kupersmith; and Temple Emmanuel, which has flourished under the leadership of its president, Sara Lee Callahan. We know these congregations will remain strong and vibrant in the future.

We say “Happy Hanukkah,” and may 2015 be another great year for Chelsea.

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