John T. Andreadis was an Outstanding Educator

John T. Andreadis made learning mathematics fun because he seemed to enjoy so much teaching his students and being in front of the classroom opening up young minds to new mathematical concepts.

John T. Andreadis was admired and respected by his students, his teaching colleagues, and the parents who had the opportunity to know this outstanding educator and school administrator.  Mr. Andreadis passed away on October 7.

His personality was sparkling. His style was energetic and vibrant. His teaching methods were solid, putting forth a commitment to each and every student who looked up to him as a role model.

John T. Andreadis was an integral part of a tremendous, caring faculty at Shurtleff that included such legendary junior high teachers as Bill Sartorelli, Arnold Goodman, James Stafford, Anthony DiGregorio, Saul Slavit, Dr. John Mahoney, Mary Raimo and others who brought out the best their students.

We remember the guidance and instruction John provided to student-teachers such as Richard Fineran, who went on to become such an excellent teacher himself and a Hall of Fame volleyball coach.

Mr. Andreadis served as a principal at the Shurleff and Mary C. Burke Schools where he no doubt carried on the fine tradition of former principals such as Joseph E. Henry who was at the helm of Shurtleff when he was a member of the faculty.

We want John T. Andreadis’s family and his children, especially, to know what a beloved teacher he was in this community. Mr. Andreadis gave everything he had to his students every single day. He was a treasure and we are so grateful for having been in his presence as students and as his colleagues in the profession.

Thank you, Mr. Andreadis, for being a wonderful teacher and a great man.

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