Running for a Good Cause: Saritin Rizzuto Will Compete in Boston Marathon

Saritin Rizzuto

Saritin Rizzuto

Saritin Rizzuto is usually running an event for a good cause. Now she will be running in a big event for a good cause.

Rizzuto, the energetic community relations officer for Metro Credit Union headquartered in Chelsea, will be competing in the Boston Marathon on April 21.

She has been training with seven-to-ten-mile runs on four weekdays and a 12-16-mile trek on the weekends.

Rizzuto is dedicating her run in the Marathon to raising funds for Casa Myrna, a Boston- based, non-profit organization that supports people affected by domestic violence. Casa Myrna makes a difference in the lives of 30,000 survivors annually.

“I have been a long-time advocate for domestic violence and its impact on our community,” said Rizzuto. “Therefore I wanted to devote my energies to supporting Casa Myrna.

”Rizzuto has launched a campaign of engaging 1,000 people to donate $10 each to meet the fundraising goal. “So far, with the help of generous donors, I’ve been able to raise $2,500.”

Rizzuto is continuing to reach out to prospective donors. “If anyone in Chelsea is interested in supporting this cause, please visit my Web site: CasaMyrna2104Boston Marathon

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