Repeat Gun Offender Charged with Possessing Firearm

Jack Lindsey

Jack Lindsey

A Chelsea man on probation for multiple gun convictions and free on bail for allegedly bringing live ammunition into a Boston courthouse was arrested on Revere Beach with an illegal firearm and other weapons on Friday – the very same day he was released from custody for other similar charges.

Jack Lindsey, 66, was arraigned Monday  in Chelsea District Court on charges of unlawful firearm possession as a fourth or subsequent offense, unlawful possession of ammunition as a subsequent offense, unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm, carrying a dangerous weapon as a fourth offense, and possessing a knife in violation of a Revere city ordinance.

Lindsey is additionally charged as a Level III armed career criminal in light of his prior record, which includes convictions for a dozen unlicensed firearms and an illegal silencer seized from his home in 2001. Lindsey’s conviction on those charges was affirmed by the state’s highest court in 2008, after which time he was ordered to serve the 2½-year sentence imposed after trial. As a condition of his probation in that case, he was ordered not to possess any firearms or ammunition.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Henry requested Lindsey be held on $350,000 bail during yesterday’s proceedings in Chelsea District Court.  Judge Paul Yee set bail at $25,000.

A State Police trooper spotted Lindsey around 9:20 p.m. Friday standing outside his Jeep Cherokee on Revere Beach Parkway in a dimly-lit area where illegal clam digging is common. The trooper ran the Cherokee’s registration and learned it belonged to Lindsey, who had multiple prior gun convictions.

According to prosecutors, Lindsey began to act nervous when he noticed the trooper’s presence and tossed a full-size shovel into the passenger’s side of his vehicle.  The trooper approached him at this point.

For his own safety in light of Lindsey’s behavior and prior gun convictions, the trooper conducted a pat-frisk and found a large, double-edged knife in Lindsey’s waistband. Lindsey allegedly admitted to possessing a smaller folding knife in his jacket pocket. He refused to say if he had any other weapons in his Jeep, but he allegedly told the trooper he’d been released from jail that same day in relation to a firearm case.

An inventory of Lindsey’s vehicle led to the discovery of a AMT .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun with eight rounds in the magazine and one round in the chamber. Troopers also recovered an empty magazine, a box containing approximately 33 rounds of ammunition, two translucent plastic ammunition containers, five more knives, and a metal detector, prosecutors said.

In a separate case, Lindsey faces charges of illegal possession of ammunition, disorderly conduct, and two counts of assault and battery.  He was arrested on Feb. 20 at Suffolk Superior Court, where he was scheduled to meet a probation officer in connection with his earlier firearms convictions. While in the building’s lobby, prosecutors say, two court security officers discovered a magazine loaded with eight rounds of .45 caliber ammunition in his jacket pocket when he placed it on the x-ray machine.  When officials at the courthouse questioned him, Lindsey allegedly assaulted the two court officers and attempted to flee. He was apprehended after a struggle with court officers and a Boston Police homicide detective who was present at the scene.

A Boston Police K-9 unit searched the area for a firearm or other contraband but found nothing out of the ordinary.

Lindsey was arraigned in Boston Municipal Court later that afternoon and held without bail until arguments were made the following day.  On Feb. 21, Assistant District Attorney Michael V. Glennon requested Lindsey be held on $100,000 bail, be ordered to stay away from all Massachusetts courthouses except when on court-related business, and be ordered to wear a GPS monitoring device.

Judge Raymond Dougan declined to set monetary bail or impose the requested conditions of release, but did hold Lindsey on a warrant sought by Probation officials. Lindsey posted $10,000 bail pending a final probation surrender hearing.

Lindsey will return to the Boston Municipal Court on May 8 and Chelsea District Court on April 1.

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