Zip Trip Will Visit Chelsea This Month

Among the Chelsea Kiwanis who celebrated Cinco de Mayo at the Windham Hotel are, William Carafa, Bob Shoemaker, Laura Assade, Sylvia Ramirez, Paul Swart, Felix Torres, Renne Griffin, Gerry Mcue, Elain Monge,and Don Harney.

More positive publicity will come Chelsea’s way this month when the popular Fox Channel 25 ‘Zip Trip’ morning program visits Chelsea on May 25th.

The program has aired for several years on the Fox 25 Morning Show, where every Friday they visit a different city or town to highlight the area. A few years ago, Zip Trip visited Revere Beach.

City Manager Jay Ash said they had set a tentative date for Friday, May 25th, to have the Zip Trip crew visit Chelsea.

“They toured the city last week and decided to set up the show at the Admiral’s Hill Marina,” said Ash. “I think it will look great.”

Chelsea was featured last year on Channel 5’s popular news magazine ‘Chronicle,’ which was re-run a few months ago.

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