Grossman Visits Chelsea Restaurant

Treasurer Grossman is shown with Ed Fitzgerald and Larry Andrews executives with The Savings Bank. The Savings Bank made Dockside possible.

State Treasurer Steve Grossman toured the Dockside Restaurant in the Marketbasket Mall Tuesday afternoon. The Dockside was a recipient of a $250,000 loan made by The Savings Bank of Wakefield and leveraged through the Treasury’s Small Business Banking Partnership.

Grossman toured the Dockside, meeting local businessmen and city officials, including Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash.

“All across the Commonwealth we are seeing successful businesses like the Dockside put their entrepreneurial spirit to work through the Small Business Banking Partnership,” said Grossman during brief comments with the businesspeople gathered around him.

“By directing additional deposits into Massachusetts community banks and encouraging them to lend to Massachusetts small businesses, the Partnership puts the reserve resources of the Treasury to their optimal use, creating jobs, opportunity, and prosperity.”

Grossman was greeted warmly by a number of prominent Chelsea businesspeople, including Robert Cashman, President and CEO of the Metro Credit Union, Marketbasket executives, Richard and Steve Clayman, lawyer and real estate developer respectively and former Chelsea School Committeeman, the highly respected Morris Seigal.

Grossman also met and spoke with Councillors Calvin Brown and Leo Robinson as well as many of those dining in the restaurant in the early afternoon.

It was a pass through that had all the trappings of an early campaign stop.

Grossman has been making a series of such stops throughout the state.

Locally, he recently visited an East Boston establishment that received money from the Treasurer’s Small Business Banking Partnership.

The very ambitious state treasurer may very well be aiming at higher office.

For the meantime, he is pleased and satisfied being the state treasurer, he said.

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