ZBA Approves Major Change to Crescent Court

The City’s Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) approved a major change to the Crescent Court development project on Sixth Street Tuesday night.

Due to a lagging economy and some new design preferences, the developers had petitioned the ZBA to allow them to scale back the project somewhat and add a few wrinkles in the layout and parking plans. The development will sit adjacent to Rt. 1 on what is now vacant land.

The most notable change was the reduction in the number of units in both phases of the project, also making a major move in adding more studio apartments and fewer multi-bedroom apartments.

Additionally, the location of the buildings have been adjusted a bit to make the overall design a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

The ZBA did offer a long list of conditions to go with the approval.

In other ZBA matters:

•The Muffin Town facility at 130 Crescent Ave. was approved to expand its manufacturing campus to add a 2,000-plus square foot freezer. The company needed ZBA approval due to the fact that the expansion cut into their off-street parking. It was approved with conditions.

•The once-controversial 31 Cary Ave. property was once and for all approved for conversion from a two-family to a three-family residence. City officials and owners have butted heads on the matter for some time. It appears the matter is now settled.

•The Webster Block development was approved for a permit to create four instead of five parking spaces in a part of their development on 37 Webster Ave. The minimum number of spaces required was five, but the developers only had space for four.

•In Prattville on the Parkway, Nicholas D’Angelo got approval for a special permit to construct second story office space and put parking under the building. The project had already been substantially completed, but lacked all of the necessary approvals. It is now completely permitted.

The next meeting of the ZBA will be on Nov. 1.

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