Most Chelsea Liquor Stores Pass ASAP Test

Most liquor stores passed the test in an undercover sting involving young people from Chelsea ASAP and detectives from the Chelsea Police Department.

Only one of 13 establishments targeted by the sting sold alcohol to an underage young person working undercover.

That establishment, the Chelsea Liqour Mart at 182 Broadway, will likely be summonsed before the License Commission – as is usually the standard practice.

The sting went down on Sept. 10th and involved Police detectives accompanying the youths to various stores and then observing as they youths went inside and attempted to purchase alcohol.

The stores that passed the test include:

• Broadway Variety

• Caribbean Liquors

• Casella’s Liquor

• Fernandez Brothers Liquor

• Heller’s Liquor Mart

• Nu Nu’s Variety

• E Stop Liquors

• One Stop Market

• Prattville Mart

• Shop & Go

• Tedeschi’s Market

• Store 24

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