Osama Bin Laden

There have been reports that when Osama bin Laden was shot to death by Navy Seals last Sunday during the raid on his hideout in Pakistan, that he didn’t have a weapon and didn’t shoot back at anyone.

Does this really matter when bin Laden was responsible for 3,000 homicides in one day on 9/11 and perhaps an additional 2-3,000 homicides elsewhere in the world over the years?

Killing bin Laden was a bit like what it would have been like to kill Hitler – and Hitler didn’t need to be holding a gun in his hand to be free of millions of individual homicides he directly caused.

The world is a better place with bin Laden dead.

We congratulate the president for pulling the trigger on the Navy Seal operation and we are deeply proud of the heroism and professionalism they showed.

Everyone involved in this action helped to make a better world.

Bin Laden is better dead than alive.

At least no one else will die because of him.

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