The Water Mess and the Streets

The sleet that followed the snow on Wednesday and the subsequent giant pools of slush and frozen water that followed has had the effect of ripping up the city’s streets.

First came the snow and all the plowing and then the salt and sand and now the heavy inundation of the water.

When you add enormous amounts of traffic to that, you get streets that have large holes appearing everywhere.

Along the length of Broadway and Washington Avenue and on many of this city’s major thoroughfares those holes are rapidly turning into monsters.

They are able to eat up an automobile – and while that is an exaggeration, the holes we have seen and try to avoid will easily ruin an automobile’s front end or flatten a tire each time it falls into a hole.

The city needs to aggressively fill these nuisance holes, which are actually dangerous when you come right down to it.

No one deserves to have their car ruined because they were driving on a Chelsea Street.

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