Senator Sal DiDomenico

We need a strong senator at this time in order to act as our voice on Beacon Hill.

The down economy and the budget cutting and the diminution of state services and local services, too, demand a strong voice in order for this city to keep its head above the water during these difficult times.

Whether or not Sal DiDomenico can be that voice remains to seen – but he is ready to begin – and we are ready to walk step by step with him as he comes to know our city and this district through the eyes of a state senator.

He replaces his former boss, Anthony Galluccio, who was a first class state senator and someone who knew how to work the hill.

The Sal DiDomenico we have come to know is an honest guy, educated, a family man and someone who knows how to make friends.

We urge him to work hard and smart, to learn how to move important legislation crucial to the well being of this city and we also urge him to learn how to write a piece of legislation in order to become a power on the Hill.

We congratulate him on his victory.

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