Anthony Pedi

The death two weeks ago of former Chelsea Police officer Anthony Pedi was a terrible loss for his family, so many of whom we know and it was a loss for this city.

Mr. Pedi spent nearly a lifetime here.

His work-life as a police officer spanned almost 30 years and so this is how many of us came to know him – as a beat officer walking the sidewalks of Chelsea Square down to Medford Street.

He was a gem of a man – a fine and honest human being, a great athlete, a good looking fit guy with a winning smile.

He was a decorated WWII veteran but never chose to talk about his exploits.

What made Mr. Pedi so special to those of us, who came to know him when we were young, is that he was humble. He was fair. He was kind hearted. He knew this city and nearly everyone in it – and to know him was to like him.

He wore a badge and carried a gun but the last thing he wanted to do was to impose the law on someone and so he’d always try to reason with those going out of control – and if he had to make an arrest, the person deserved it.

Mr. Pedi loved this city. He loved his family and his eight children. He loved his first wife who died at a young age and he loved his wife who he leaves behind.

To Pedi family, we offer our condolences.

Tony Pedi was a good guy and a friend to all.

He was the example by which many others should live their lives.

He was a positive force in this city for decades.

We were very sorry to learn of his death, as it is a great loss for the city.

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