Letter to the Editor

To my neighbors on Bellingham Street:

The City of Chelsea has a Charter, which states you MUST remove the snow and clean the sidewalks in front of your property within 24 hours of a storm and to not comply means a fine.

If it is an ACT OF GOD when it snows but it is NEGLIGENCE on your part when you let that snow and ice accumulate. I have fallen five times on Bellingham Street due to your negligence and I will not fall and injure myself again.

I would appreciate it if you would shovel, salt and sand in front of your property when it snows. I am sick and tired of falling in front of your property because you have let the ice and snow accumulate for days causing it to turn into a compacted pile of thick ice!!!

I am asking the City Inspectors to go out and observe the snow and ice left on the sidewalks of Bellingham Street and issue tickets to the folks who cannot clean up in front of their property. I have the right to walk on a clean salted and sanded sidewalk when coming down this hill and am sick and tired of falling and injuring myself.

This also goes for businesses on Broadway who cannot bother to shovel in front of their stores and or/banks & credit unions. This is very dangerous when you don’t clean up.

Remember it is your duty and responsibility to clean the sidewalks of snow and ice.

I would also like to say Thank you to the City Workers to make it a point to come up the hill with the salt truck to salt Bellingham Street, as sometimes this is the only way I can get down the hill.

Deborah P. Walker

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