Congratulations and Good Luck To City Manager Jay Ash

We congratulate our city manager, Jay Ash, on his appointment as secretary of housing and economic development in Governor-elect Charlie Baker’s Cabinet.

We’re fully confident that Jay will be an outstanding asset in the Governor Baker Administration. His work in the areas of economic development and housing in Chelsea has been superb. One only has to travel through the city and view the new developments that have sprung up here to understand the tremendous impact Jay has has on our city’s growth and prosperity and the optimism that abounds here for our future.

Like one of his mentors said this week, we have mixed emotions about Jay’s departure. For Jay Ash will take his place alongside some of the monumental figures in our city’s history. The 6-foot-7-inch Ash, who attended Shurtleff School and Chelsea High School and starred on the basketball court here before heading to Clark University, will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of our residents. We’re sure it was an honor for Jay to return to the city he loved as a kid and become the leader of it.

Jay never gave less than 100 percent every day on the job. He never rested on his past accomplishments and was always seeking ways to make Chelsea a better place. And he succeeded in that quest.

Yes, our city is losing the inspirational leader who took us on a journey to greatness that some thought wasn’t possible. The National Civic League said it all in June when it awarded Jay Ash and the City of Chelsea’s its most prestigious All-America City Award.

Jay Ash has worked hard for all Chelsea residents as our city manager and we know the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will benefit from his superior skills and leadership in this most esteemed statewide position.

Thank you, Jay Ash, for all you accomplished as our city manager and for how you transformed our city, making it a model for other cities across our nation to aspire to.

To use a sports analogy, Jay Ash is Chelsea’s MVP in this century.

Good luck.

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