The Marketbasket Mall

City Manager Jay Ash has been meeting quite often with Marketbasket officials regarding their ambitions for the mall on Everett Avenue which they own.

The mall has morphed from something meaningless and insubstantial to something bustling and very substantial. This has been done with help from the Demoulas Family.

To their credit, the Demoulas Family has acted like a bank with the mall, providing funding and or mortgages to make things happen for businesses and commercial interests who want to come here.

Now in the planning is the next step – going upward with larger structures dedicated to residential and commercial with the potential for institutional tenants.

Again, what is being planned for the mall is the stuff of dreams come true for City Manager Ash and for the business themselves that have located in the mall.

The place is exploding with growing commercial interests.

And now coming a few feet away is the $200 million FBI Regional Headquarters.

Not enough can be written about this success story.

This new round of planning for further development will not be the last.

There is much more to be accomplished.

Again, this is great news for Chelsea.

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