Another hotel for Chelsea

Although official confirmation is lacking at this juncture, it would appear much more than likely that yet another hotel will be locating here in the not too distant future.

The understanding is that the owners of the new Marriott Residence Inn have purchased the land on the footprint where Superior Column used to have its warehouse and will be building another Marriott within a hop, step and jump from its new hotel.

Another 200 hotel rooms here are a new stream of revenue waiting to happen. Hotel rooms that are occupied pay a city tax each time. When added to the present hotel room total of around 400, this additional new batch of hotel rooms will greatly swell that money forever – and this comes as good news to City Manager Jay Ash.

Ash, after all, has been instrumental in bringing hotels here.

The other advantages to yet another hotel is that another 60 or 70 men and women will be employed by the new hotel. Part timers will bloat that number significantly.

Another new hotel is a victory for this city and its economy in every way.

That it is coming sooner rather than later is great news for Chelsea.

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