Washington Avenue Restoration

There is a great deal of personal inconvenience involved with the redoing of Washington Avenue.

But at the end of that long run, a nearly perfect roadway along the length of the avenue will make a great deal of difference in the quality of life for those who live on Washington Avenue as well for those of us who drive it.

For many years, it has been in need of what is being done now.

And for many years after it is done, it will provide the city with a much better public face.

It is impossible to imagine George Washington riding his horse on his way to address the troops at Washington Park in 1775.

Washington Avenue was a horse path then.

Washington stopped first at the Cary House for dinner, and then it was on to see the troops.

In fact, it isn’t just hard to imagine this – it is fair to impossible.

And yet it happened several times during the Revolutionary War when Washington visited Chelsea.

The townspeople were so impressed that the horse path turned roadway was officially named after him.

Ergo, Washington Avenue.

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