Starbucks in Chelsea at the Marketbasket Mall

The announcement last week that Starbuck’s is coming to Chelsea is one more reason to celebrate the city’s ever-widening economic base.

Even five years ago, a Starbucks here would have never been possible because of a variety of factors.

However, in the past five years, the area demographic for wages, age groups and job categories in the immediate surroundings of the mall have expanded so greatly that what never would have been just a few years ago is becoming a reality soon.

The mall is bustling with business and new business and it is surrounded by office buildings with thousands of employees and folks earning good wages, who are upwardly mobile and who tend to flock to places like Starbuck’s as a preference over Dunkin Donuts.

Mind, you, there’s nothing wrong with Dunkin Donuts but Starbucks is an entirely different animal in the world of java.

Starbucks is not just about the coffee. It is about the setting, the interior décor, the people working there and it is about people’s preference for a more sophisticated environment and a richer, sometimes exotically mixed cup of coffee, latte or an endless selection of coffee mixes people all over the world have come to identify with and to love.

Starbucks is as upscale as the mall can get – and so Starbucks is welcome and what’s more, it will be successful here.

A Starbucks in Chelsea is a good barometer of things that are happening here.

Better yet, it is a good barometer of things to come.

We welcome Starbucks.

What a wonderful addition to the mall.

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