Whitey Bulger

Now that Whitey Bulger is back in town, the media is having a field day heralding his return and labeling him as the alleged leader of the Irish Mob in Boston.

Now Whitey has a lawyer. We’re paying for his representation as he doesn’t have any money – at least not in a savings bank or credit union or over at Fidelity. The government got $820,000 of his money and that small pile of cash will be sucked up into the bottomless spending pit that has this nation something like $13 trillion in debt.

Now that he has representation, his lawyer will get busy defending Whitey. After all, he’s got the right to be defended.

What the government will have to prove to a jury with evidence beyond a reasonable doubt is that Whitey was, in fact, indisputably responsible for the 19 homicides he’s been charged with.

One by one each individual case will need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt so the jury can convict.

Of course, there’s no need for 19 separate trials. There will be one trial on the 19 charges.

If the government proves only one of them, Whitey is finished.

But this is modern America where the real mixes with the unreal and where sometimes nearly everything about the court system is turned upside down.

Many liberal types wonder if Whitey can get a fair trial in Boston?

Others claim the evidence is so old and that direct witnesses are so few at this point that proving even one of  the murder cases may be near to impossible.

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