Mike Mekonnen

The death of Councillor Mike Mekonnen leaves an important vacancy to fill on the Chelsea City Chelsea. It also causes a void to exist among those of us who view Chelsea as a small city family experience.

He absence at city hall will be sorely missed. After all, Mekonnen was the real thing. He had no affect. He was completely unambiguous about how he felt about issues and let you know it.

Above all, Mekonnen loved his existence here, his position in the city, his place among the people.

He was a real voice for those seeking a better Chelsea who were unafraid when led by him to have a stronger police presence, a stronger and more effective city hall building department presence in the wards and in all of Chelsea’s neighborhoods.

Mekonnen wasn’t exactly afraid of anyone in his pursuit of what he believed to be right.

He had his detractors. He wasn’t all warm and fuzzy all of the time. But he was, without question, a real Chelsea guy. A real Chelsea character through and through.

He came here as young man with the clothes on his back and few dollars in his pocket.

At the end of his run last week he made a great success out of himself and for his family.

We lament his passing, those of us who knew him.

Those of us who often fought with him over politics or policy also lament his passing.

We have lost a worthy adversary and someone who loved this place.

Mike Mekonnen was proud of this city – and he wasn’t afraid to let every one who came before him know this.

Our condolences to his wife and son.

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