John Edward McBride

On February 1, Chelsea lost a link to the old days, when this city was a far different place than it is today.

The death of John Edward McBride last week at 90 brought to an end a long and interesting life spent entirely in this city.

He was a well known man, and a genuine character, who never for a moment failed to say what he was thinking – and many times he’d say what he was thinking with a roaring, powerful, booming voice that had the tendency to catch the attention of those in the audience at city hall or wherever he spoke.

John McBride was many things during a long life. He was a school teacher, a public accountant, and he owned for a long time a small liquor store known as McBride’s on Cross Street. He was also most proud of being a Trustee of the Soldiers Home.

But Mr. McBride was much more than a title like businessman, accountant or liquor store owner. He was a public man, a man always seen around the city, who loved Chelsea.

He was an educated man, an Army veteran, father, husband, grandfather and great grandfather.

His greatest claim to fame was his 67 year marriage to former School Committeewoman and one of this city’s grand dames, Elizabeth.

His other greatest calling are his children, whom he loved, all of whom in their own way, bear a resemblance to their father.

In this large Chelsea family, Mr. McBride was the pillar that protected them and who watched over them.

We knew him well here at the Record.

We liked him a lot as we came to know him over the years.

He had a real sparkle in his eye and was always a man much younger than his years.

We offer our condolences to his family and especially to Elizabeth.

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