Fill the Pot Holes

Nothing, frankly, can be more important to public safety and quality of life than the repair of the city’s many growing pot-holes.

Some of them in the most obvious locations – Washington Avenue, Broadway, Everett Avenue, and Beacham Street are car eaters, literally.

We have a tendency to feel extremely bad when a flat tire is caused by running over a pothole.

Why? Because you don’t get reimbursed for it by the city.

It is the potholes on Beacham Street that are the most odious – and for those of you interested in public safety, Beacham Street’s pot-holes are by far the city’s most potentially dangerous.

LNG trucks and Methane carriers travel Beacham Street.

If one of them were to lose their rear axel or their rear tires and roll over onto the pavement, a good part of the city would have to be evacuated.

And even though we are often told these trucks cannot explode, they can explode.

The Methane will explode more easily than the LNG.

Beacham Street must be kept absolutely smooth for such dangerous vehicles carrying volatile cargoes.

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