Representative Gene O’Flaherty

The years come and go. Politics change from time to time but our Representative Gene O’Flaherty has remained on Beacon Hill where he grows stronger and stronger as time goes by.

His recent fundraiser at Anthony’s Pier Four on the Boston waterfront, an annual affair for longer than a decade, brought out a wide variety of his Beacon Hill colleagues and Chelsea and Charlestown supporters.

The more one comes to know what Gene O’Flaherty is all about; the more he is liked and respected.

He is above all, an honest man.

He’s not a taker. He’s not a back room dealer. He brings integrity to whatever he does.

He is not perfect and there are some votes he’s made in the past which we bet he’d like to take back.

Above all, he is a true Irishman who understands that votes cannot be taken back.

Rather, he believes one lives always to fight another day.

Gene O’Flaherty has served this city well since first being elected.

He is accessible. He is a familiar figure in Chelsea to every kind of person living in this unbelievably mixed community.

And he is a friend to all who is willing to listen and to act.

He is a very bright guy, a lawyer, a politician, a good husband and brother and a great son.

He is, above all, one of our most distinguished residents and a great friend to this city.

We wish him the best.

We are pleased his fundraiser was once again a great success.

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