Ed Fish

When the city bought back the Naval Hospital site from the US Government more than 30 years ago, the Fish Construction Company was hired to tear down the old and to build the new and to rehabilitate certain of the historic buildings on the 50 acre waterfront site.

Here we are more than 30 years later and Admiral’s Hill remains the city’s most pristine and highly valued address.

The work Ed Fish did here 30 years ago speaks well of the man.

Mr. Fish died last week following a short illness.

No one in the modern history of this city, whose history stretches back to 1624, did as much to mark it as a fine place to live as Mr. Fish.

His work on Admiral’s Hill has stood the test of time.

It is a testament to his skills as a builder and to the integrity of his building practices.

We offer our condolences to the Fish Family on the loss Ed Fish.

Mr. Fish was a true friend of Chelsea’s – and his imprint on the city will last well into the 21st Century.

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