Chelsea’s veterans

Throughout the centuries, Chelsea’s men and women have served their country with valor and loyalty.

Chelsea sent dozens of men to fight by General George Washington’s side during the Revolutionary War – when Washington garrisoned the Northern wing of the Continental Army at Washington Park in Prattville.

During the Civil War, Chelsea sent hundreds to the bloody battlefields that took the lives of so many – and the Chelsea Regiment lost many men and unless we are told otherwise, a Chelsea man won the Congressional Medal of Honor and is apparently buried in Garden Cemetery.

The Spanish American War found hundreds from this city joining up to fight the Spanish in Cuba – and the Minuteman standing bronze carrying his rifle commemorates this city’s contribution during that fight.

World War 1 took the lives of dozens from Chelsea.

During World War II almost 200 men died who came out of nearly every street and ward in this city.

Thousands who served from this city were wounded.

Korea and Vietnam took almost 25 lives and many, many wounded.

The Iraq Wars and the war in Afghanistan thank God haven’t taken any Chelsea servicemen or woman, yet.

This bit about Chelsea’s contribution is brought to mind by the passing of Memorial Day.

We did the obligatory homage to the dead before Memorial Day last week.

This week we recall the memories, the loyalty and the devotion of all those from this city who served honorably and to those who gave their lives and who were wounded.

The present time should be a reminder to us all of how the Middle Eastern radicals and terrorists want America to be brought down.

To the suicide bombers and the Jihadists, we are the evil Satan.

America is not evil. We remain the world’s great hope, and our flag is its most powerful symbol to those who recognize freedom throughout the world.

Long after the last terrorist has been caught and put away, the American flag will be flying. And that’s the way it is in the Arsenal of Democracy in June, 2010.

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