Young Adult Book Author Kendall Kulper Speaks to Chelsea High School Students

Well-known  book author Kendall Kulper inspired an audience of Chelsea High School students during a speaking engagement in the Andrew P. Quigley Library at the school.

A graduate of Harvard University with an honors degree in History and Literature, Kulper writes historical fantasy for young adult readers and has published four novels.

Kulper began her talk reflecting on her love of books from a young age, writing long mini-novels in middle school, and writing for her high school newspaper.

After graduating from Harvard, Kulper worked as radio reporter for a financial news company in New York City.

Not enamored with her professional position as a reporter, Kulper decided to write a story with a teenaged main character and began her first young adult story. She met with her then-boyfriend’s (now husband) family friend who was a real-life author.

“She basically agreed to have coffee with me and basically changed my life,” said Kulper. “Here is the thing that she taught me, the thing that I try to teach all kids who dream of becoming an author: it is possible. It’s hard to become a published author, but it is achievable. Work hard, get better, don’t give up, and it will happen.”

Kulper answered questions from the students and graciously signed autographs. Following her talk, she worked with students in the CHS Creative Writing Club.

A big thanks to CHS Librarian Trent Bordok for arranging for such a prominent author and terrific role model to visit the school. The event was an outstanding educational experience for the students who heard the inspiring message from Kendall Kulper that any career goal is attainable with hard work and fortitude.

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