With No. Korea Now Involved, Aid to Ukraine Is Needed ASAP

The delay in providing much-needed military aid to Ukraine by a minority of Republican members of Congress these past few months has been nothing less than unconscionable.

But now that No. Korea has intervened by giving Vladimir Putin an estimated one million artillery shells (which comes on top of military drones being supplied to Putin by Iran), the need for the U.S. to resume supplying Ukraine with the arms to resist Putin’s aggression has become urgent.

It is not a coincidence that Russia’s war in Ukraine is being supported by China, Iran, and No. Korea, all of which are despotic countries whose stated goal is to destroy democratic nations across the globe. With No. Korea sending weapons to Russia, there can be no doubt that Putin will be supplying Kim Jong Un with the technology to develop long-range missiles that will threaten the United States and our allies with a nuclear attack.

The U.S. must stop playing nice with Putin and provide Ukraine with as much of our arsenal as is needed to destroy the Russian army as soon as possible. The longer that No. Korea remains a player in this conflict, the worse it will be for the entire world.

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