Stop & Shop store in Everett closes after 21 years in business

The Stop & Shop supermarket in Everett has closed its doors after 21 years at the busy Revere Beach Parkway location.

“It’s a sad day,” said Store Manager Glen Sanford last Thursday, Aug. 14, the final day of operations. “We were the only supermarket in Everett besides McKinnon’s.”

What was the principal reason for the closing of the store?

 “The landlord just didn’t want to renegotiate our lease,” said Sanford. “He wants to give the property to a developer to build some apartments.”

Sanford said all 75 store employees will be relocated to another Stop & Shop store in the area.

Ann Stuart of Everett, who had worked at the store since its opening, said, “I’m sorry to see it happen and all our customers are, too. Many people have told me that they’re going to miss this store. I’ll miss working here.”

John Iozza, whose family has lived in Everett since the 1920s, said for as far back as he can remember, “We always had a Stop & Shop, first in Glendale Square and here on the Parkway.”

Iozza said he liked the arrangement of the aisles in the store. “I really don’t want to go shop at another store because this is my hometown, and this store was my home for grocery shopping.”

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