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I Support Roberto Jiménez Rivera

To the Editor.

I would like to express my support for Roberto Jiménez Rivera for State Representative.

What occurred to me while thinking about this new position is that it is somewhat like having a ‘new country’ with all the possibilities for governing. We now have the chance for self-governance in a way we haven’t had before. This chance cannot be wasted.

I look to government to represent my values, to be my voice.  These days it is a tricky business no doubt.

But I have no doubt that Roberto with his local and statewide connections, with his grounded vision and his energy will represent my values.

As a retired teacher and counselor, a parent and grandparent, I want a representative who understands how schools works at all levels, and what youth need to succeed and grow.

As an elder I want someone whose energy surpasses mine in order to get the work done for the long term, someone who builds upon the hard work we’ve done in the past.

As a union member for more than a half a century I want someone with union values.

As a long-time volunteer at Chelsea Community Connections who sees the needs throughout our city, I want someone in the State House who speaks for us all, documented, undocumented, young and old, and of all racial and ethnic groups.

Because I believe in Roberto’s campaign, I gathered friends and neighbors to hear directly from him. Roberto listened to their stories and histories in a way that reflects his intelligence and genuine interest.

I believe that we need Roberto’s intelligence and energy now. We cannot waste this opportunity and for that reason I encourage people to vote for him on September 6th for the 11th Suffolk State Representative District.

Stacy Amaral

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