Jimenez-Rivera Speaks at State House Rally in Support of Low-Income Workers

Roberto Jimenéz Rivera, candidate for State Representive for Chelsea and Everett, spoke at a rally at the State House last week in favor of including low-income workers in the Legislature’s proposed tax rebate. Under the proposed economic package, which draws from the projected $3.6 billion budget surplus, all residents making between $38,000 and $150,000 per year will receive a $250 check. Because many of our residents earn below that figure, likely over half of Chelsea residents will not receive this rebate. State Representative Tami Gouveia filed an amendment to remove the income requirement, but it was not adopted.

Following are Jimenez-Rivera’s remarks

“I believe the surplus would be better invested in public transportation or improving other public services, but if the Legislature is so set on these payments, they should not exclude our families, who are still struggling as we recover from the pandemic and deal with the inflation crisis,” said Roberto. “This underscores the need for strong leadership from our next State Representative. We need someone who will fight these battles, time and time again, on behalf of Chelsea and Everett. As State Representative, I will stand up to those who try to deny our residents the assistance and services we deserve.”

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