License Fees Adjusted for Coming Year

Liquor license renewal fees are going back to normal for the coming year.

The renewal fees had been lowered by the Licensing Commission due to hardships associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The liquor license fees are going back to normal because everyone has been making money,” said Licensing administrator Naomi Libran at last week’s commission meeting.

The annual license fees in Chelsea are $4,500 for an on premise all alcoholic license, $1,800 for an on premise wine and malt license, $4,500 for an innholder all alcoholic license, $1,300 for a clubholder all alcoholic license, $2,000 for a retail all alcoholic license, and $1,600 for a retail wine and malt license.

Libran said reminders about the alcohol license renewals will be sent out by the end of September.

The city’s recreational marijuana licenses are up for renewal by the end of the month, and Libran said she has yet to receive any renewals. She said she sent out reminders to the retail marijuana establishments about six months ago.

While the liquor license fees will be going back to normal for 2022, Libran said there will still be a discount for amusement and entertainment licenses.

“Before Covid, each license used to be $150 and we lowered it to $50,” she said. “Now we are bringing it back up a little to $100. Hopefully, by next year it will be back up to $150.”

During the commission meeting, Libran noted that there are also three pocket liquor licenses in circulation. Pocket licenses are licenses held by establishments that have not used them for at least one year. The license holders are sent a letter stating they must put the licenses into use within six months.

One of the licenses is held by the estate of Nancy Serna, doing business as Rancho Las Pupusas. Serna passed away in January, Libran said.

Last month, the License Commission held a hearing on the license held by Yong Yong, Inc., doing business as the Lounge of Winnisimmet.

The third pocket license is currently held by The Pasta Box on Broadway.

“The Pasta Box has not been open during Covid, and as of now, it’s not open,” said Libran.

That situation could soon change, though.

“He’s tidying the space up, and he’s ready to open any day now,” said Licensing Commissioner Michael McAteer.

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