For Kids Only Offers Several Summer Programs Geared Towards Local Children in the Coming Weeks

After a year filled with a wide array of challenges brought on by a global pandemic, For Kids Only Afterschool (FKO) is committed this summer to giving every child in Chelsea the chance to learn in a safe and fun environment. Beginning on June 28th, FKO will kick off their summer programming that will engage children in opportunities to learn and enjoy their summer while keeping them safe. FKO’s goal this summer is to foster a sense of unity as staff take the kids on ‘a journey around the world’, learning about different cultures and global values.  Through new partnerships with Young Audiences of Massachusetts (YAMA) and Project Adventure, kids will experience a plentiful amount of enrichment projects and learning opportunities both on and off site. Once per week, YAMA will be coming to all sites to teach kids about different heritages and develop an appreciation for the cultures that make up our world through traditional and contemporary art forms. 

For more information about summer programming and FKO’s health and safety guidelines, please visit, or contact District Director Ricky Baez by e-mail at [email protected].

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