Letters to the Editor

New Chelsea Fireworks Ordinance

Dear Editor,

I read in the May 6, 2021 ‘Chelsea Record’ that the City Council voted 9-0 “to ban fireworks with intent to enforce.” I commend and thank the City Council for this action.

As a past Chelsea fire c chief, I am happy the City intends to curtail fireworks activity; whereas, without a permit, fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts. Fireworks not only can cause physical injuries, but certain types, known as “rockets,” can also cause fires if they land on combustible materials, such as, but not limited to, roofs.

I would like to recognize Councilor Todd Taylor for “pushing the fireworks ordinance.” In addition, living in the Prattville area, I thank Councilor Taylor for getting the City (not too long ago) to install “traffic barriers” on Garfield Avenue making it extremely difficult for vehicles to unlawfully make a left turn onto Garfield Avenue from Adams Street. The traffic Barries have greatly improved traffic flow.

Louis T. Addonizio

Retired Chelsea

Fire Chief

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